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How To Remove Grout Haze From A Limestone Floor? »

Visitor’s Question: “I have a problem with a newly laid Limestone floor. The tiler left it with a very thick haze of grout on it.I have tried a Fila Residue Remover cleaner, and another Grime remover (which seemed to work only a little better). I have used non-scratch pads and an emulsifier pad – on […]

How To Remove Sealer and Sealing Residues? »

Most weeks I receive calls from people asking how to remove a sealer residue. Sealer residues occur when an impregnating sealer is incorrectly applied. Impregnating sealers (or penetrating sealers as they are sometimes known) are intended to be in or below the surface of the stone rather than ‘on’ it. So, the correct application involves […]

Question: My Limestone Kitchen Counter Has Developed Black Speckled Marks? »

Visitor’s Question: “My limestone kitchen counter has developed black speckled marks, especially around the sink. This leads me to believe it may be mildew from dampness. How can I remove these stains before sealing? Every blog says no acidic cleaners, but how about bleach?” Our Answer: The blogs you have read are Copyright Ian Taylor […]

Six-Sided Sealing For Natural Stone Tiles – Part 2 »

For the second part of my ‘six-sided sealing’ theme we will look at issues relating to the back of the stone. Take a look at the picture, what do you see? Well, it is a granite facade; quite a porous one in fact, the light grey areas are correct and indeed have the desired appearance. […]

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